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OBJECTIVE: Mubadala is a global investment company that invests in more than 50 countries across multiple sectors. Our task was to awareness among qualified investors and technology/investment professionals, remarket and engage them over 5 supporting video stories of Mubadala companies.

target segment


Business & Finance professionals

C level executives


Brand Uplift at Global level


Uplift in total engagements


Increase media buying efficiency through market optimization 

the solution

  • The first global campaign of a Global Player, looking to tap into strategic markets where investments and strong partnerships have been developed.

  • Through an offline mix selection of leading business publications on print and a digital mix including SEM, Premium Publications, Display, Social Media and Video networks

  •  we reached over 49M+ people, 17M+ completed views, 5.5M+ engagements in UK, US, France, Spain, Brazil and China. 

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