E-Sports Manager

We are currently seeking a full-time eSports Manager, who will lead the competitive strategy internally

and develops programs that inspire and engage Sports clients. His goal is to create a competitive

environment where, in and out of game, will be able to create meaningful experiences alongside

increasing acquisition and retention of our Sports clients’ fans. The candidate will be responsible to

educate and inform internal teams about eSports; by being a subject matter expert. This position will

liaise between the Planning and Digital Team


The eSports Manager will lead the eSports practice and takes part in developing, implementing, executing and reporting on our competitive strategy and tactics. This role works closely with internal cross-functional business teams, brand and marketing teams as well as our external partners and vendors to ensure the success of our programs. You will deliver engaging in-game features and content, world-class on and offline events as well as program marketing and supporting community growth and activity.


  • 3-5 years experience in eSports, entertainment or traditional sports programs

  • You are meticulously organized and amazing at project management; your skills at moving multiple tasks to completion are legendary. As an influential people-person, your inter-personal skills and ability to communicate and inspire others are second nature.

  • Be a motivated and a self starter

  • Possess excellent leadership, communication and management skills

  • Have a deep comprehension of the various components that make up an eSports program andbe conversationally adept in them, including business management, brand management,software and application development, game design, event management, content development,competitive structure and rulesets, player and team management and broadcast production

  • Maintain awareness of industry and related trends and best practices to identify opportunities to leverage or improve our programs

  • Demonstrate a track record of defining strategies in eSports, entertainment or traditional sports industries

To apply please send your CV to: info@fusion5me.com

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