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Wetex - dewa

OBJECTIVE: Increase convention footfall by 6% in 2019vs. 2018 and change the perception of DEWA as a government organization that is working towards making Dubai a sustainable/smart city

target segment


Professional in energy sector 


General Public




Increase in footfall vs Benchmark KPI of 6%


Growth in brand love


Increase in association between WETEX & Smart Dubai

the solution

  • To achieve the objective, we created a target demographic map that highlighted different private sector industries taking into consideration the interest of each professional on that field. Based on the above, Fusion5 created specific audience pools based on industry type and served them the relevant content both contextually and from an audience perspective resulting on a higher audience engagement with creative assets. Retargeting was used for everyone landing on the website and specific creatives based on their respective industries were delivered taking relevance into account. 

  • To enrich the campaign, Fusion5 launched strategic partnerships with CNBC and Dubai Eye network. To make the journey deeper and more relevant to our audience and seeding content and giving them live updates about the event to increase chances of them visiting. 

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