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OBJECTIVE: Aston Martin is a British luxury automotive brand with legendary cars. The Brand was looking to generate Qualified Leads and maximize the exposure of the new models.

target segment

High Net Worth Individuals

Sports Cars Enthusiasts

Business Owners/Managers



Reduction in cost per lead within 2 months


Better performance of branding kpis vs benchmark


Gain in cost-efficiency due to market optimization

the solution

  • Agency focused in the planning the digital strategy across 12+ Markets focusing on three pillars: 


  1. Conquer: acquisition of new Aston Martin, Luxury cars switchers

  2. Retain: existing owners, update seekers

  3. Inspire: addressing to Mass Audience the message of Appeal and Desire of an exclusive product/experience.

  • A mix of Branding and Performance media channels along with continuous market optimizations guaranteed an uplift in qualified leads and ultimately sales. 

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